4 Important Inspections Affecting The Refund Of Your Security Deposit

1. Handover Inspection During Check In

It is important to ensure that you are assisted in compiling a property condition report with photos to ensure that condition of the property is duly noted. This provides evidence that there are pre-existing conditions during the handback inspection at the end of the lease.

2. 30 days Defects Liability Period

The abovementioned handover inspection is not the only mean to report defects to the Landlord. Landlords normally provide a defects liability period of 30 days from the commencement date of the lease. This allows the Tenant to thoroughly check all appliances, fixtures, fittings and furniture in the premise.

If there are any things to note, the Tenant may divide the items noted into 2 lists: (1) Things to Note & (2) To Do List Request. Landlords will rectify defects at their own cost which are reported during this 30 days period. The Minor Repair clause will take effect after this period and after which, the Tenant shall be responsible for minor repairs in the premise.

3 & 4. Pre-Handback & Handback Inspection at the end of the lease

It is important to let your Realtor know your preferred date of handover of the apartment so that the Realtor can guide you along with the necessary termination procedures and it is best if you can set up an appointment for a pre-handover inspection. You should not terminate your utility account before the handing back inspection appointment. Otherwise, the Landlord will not be able to check the electrical items, etc. You may also refer to LandPLUS’ Moving Out Checklist to get a clearer picture of what is expected of you when handing back the property to the Landlord. The may also go into www.Landplusgroup.com to check online about the Handback procedure. The Handback Inspection would easily take at least 2 hours, thus, you should try to keep yourself available in case the handback session is prolonged. Ensure that all notes taken during the handback inspection are correctly reported. If there is a dispute against the Landlord’s claim, ensure that you put your remark of objection next to the claim. At the same time, have the handover inspection form duly signed by all parties present as the form can act as confirmation that the property has been handed over to the Landlord for due refund of your security deposit subject to any deductions in dispute or any obligations owed by the Tenant. There is usually a clause in the agreement specifying the timeline given to the Landlord for the refund of the Security Deposit.