Real Estate Brokerage

Private Property / HDB Division
  • Buy / Sell / Rent
  • Portfolio Planning

Industrial / Commercial Division
  • Feasibility Studies & Space Planning
  • Sales & Tenancy
  • Office, Retail & Industrial Relocation

Corporate Leasing Team

We produce our own Leasing Guide & Maintenance Guide

Landlord’s property is well taken care of and to allow Tenant understand tenant’s obligations in the Lease Agreement

Special Projects

Sole exclusive marketing agent for Ritz Carlton Residences, Emerald Hill Residences, Kim Keat Lodge, The Bayshore, Villas Lagunas, etc.

Property Audit and Tax allocation recommendation exercise

Group move for entertainment industry, MNCs, etc

Sale of Cinema, Hotel & Warehouse

Property Management

  • Data Management
  • Centralised Files Sharing
  • Brainstorming and KPI sessions
  • Innovation & Constant Up-grading – History Reporting system

Central Files Sharing System - Manager's Dairy System Overview